Four Finger Food Recipes For Toddlers

healthy finger food recipes

Have you ever wondered how you can prepare healthy finger food recipes that taste great? In today’s society, junk food and fast food are a common part of our daily lives. Even our children know where they can get their lunch from. For those of us who don’t have children, it can be difficult to come up with healthy meals to feed them on a regular basis. But healthy meals don’t have to involve a bag of chips and a soda, they can actually be made at home.

An Overview

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One of the easiest healthy finger food recipes to make is a shrimp recipe. Shrimp is one of those healthy foods that kids absolutely love. With so many different varieties available, it is easy to choose a simple recipe that your toddler will enjoy. Of course, if you are looking to get even younger kids involved, why not try some grilled shrimp? Well known for it’s high cholesterol lowering and Diabetes benefits, shrimp is also one of the highest natural sources of protein. Healthy, raw seafood is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals that your body requires to function at it’s optimum level.

There are many other finger foods that are perfect for toddlers. Babies love cheese, and while most babies won’t eat it all at once, they sure love to dip their fingers in it. If you want to get creative, you can also serve baby carrots, green beans or even small pieces of pizza. All of these healthy toddler finger food recipes are filled with vitamins and nutrients your child needs to grow strong and healthy.

Mind This Trick

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Another great way to provide your toddler with a tasty snack is to create a delicious dessert using sweet potatoes. You can easily create a delicious dessert using sweet potato and make it low fat by using a little bit of olive oil. Another great thing about this vegetable is that it is high in potassium, which helps regulate your body’s fluid levels. The best thing about using sweet potatoes as a topping for desserts is that they are extremely easy to find. You can find them at your local deli or in the produce section of your grocery store.

Like sweet potatoes, kidney beans are another great finger food recipe idea for kids. They too are high in potassium and have low calories. Plus, kidney beans are one of nature’s healthiest vegetables, since it can be used in so many different recipes. In addition to using it as a topping, you can bake them, chop them up, and use them in so many different ways. From pasta sauce to a delicious chili, kidney bean dishes are among the tastiest vegetables on the planet.

Some Veggies

Vegetables such as carrots are another great finger food for toddlers. Carrots are high in manganese and beta carotene, which are two types of antioxidants good for your heart. This vegetable is also easy to find, because carrots are one of your kid’s favorite vegetables! If you’re not sure how to cook with carrots, try a recipe using them as a base or divide them into smaller strips and add them to a tasty veggie tray.

Finally, fruits are some of the most versatile foods for your toddler finger food recipes. Fruits make great snack foods, and are an incredibly healthy choice. You can use applesauce to make finger sandwiches and grill them to perfection. You can also take slices and dip them into a variety of delicious sauces. You can also use fruits as a topping on your favorite foods, such as apple pies.


Finger foods can actually be a wonderful way to get your baby on the road to healthy eating right from the start. Since most toddlers will eat more of these healthy finger foods once they begin eating solid foods, you should take care to create healthy meals that your baby can enjoy. Using fruits, vegetables, and even nuts in your toddler’s meals is a great way to get him started toward a healthy diet while still having fun!

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