Healthy Food Recipes For Kids That Are A Must Try For Mothers

healthy food recipes for kids

Kids are amazing but making them eat is a hassle for most mothers as they refuse to eat healthy food. It is up to the mothers to make the food interesting so that the kids try it. This might not seem like an easy task but it is if you know the right recipes that you can try. These recipes will help you hide the veggies in a manner that your kid will ask you to make these dishes. 

Kids are choosy when it comes to food so it is up to us to make the food in a way that is attractive and tastes delicious. Also, it has to be packed with nutrients and less carbs so that the kid can get energy to play and have fun. These are some healthy food recipes for kids that all mothers can try and these healthy food recipes for kids are simple and easy to make. You do not need any fancy ingredients or unhealthy food that you do not want your child to eat on a daily basis. 

Broccoli Cheesy Bread

A plate of food with broccoli

Broccoli is one vegetable that most children do not like because it is bland. But you can make your child love broccoli with the help of thos recipe. For this recipe you need some broccoli, parmesan cheese, cheddar cheese,and spices that will add taste to the whole dish. It is a simple recipe but the recipe is mouthwatering. Your kid will fall in love with the taste and you will be surprised to see your child ask for more. This bread can be served with some warm marinara for a burst of taste and flavors. 

Bell Pepper Nachos


Children love nachos but they are full of carbs and can be unhealthy. Your kid will not miss nachos if you make this recipe at home. For this recipe all you need are some bell peppers, cheese, sour cream, and spices. It is a simple recipe that is low on carbs and full of veggies and good fats. Your child will love the taste of this recipe and do not be surprised if he asks for another helping. It is a delicious dish that does not need too much effort to make. 

Donut Apples

Donuts are healthy but donut apples are not so much. If your kid loves sweets then this is one recipe that you must try. All you need are some apples, cream cheese, and toppings. Cut some apples in the shape of donuts and add cream cheese on top. Top these with some sprinkles and you are done. The easiest way to ensure that your kid is eating an apple a day!


These are some simple healthy food recipes for kids that they will love. All these recipes are healthy and will make your child appreciate vegetables and fruits. You can also add your own touch to these recipes and make them taste even better. The best part is that these look amazing which will attract your child towards these.

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