How to Choose the Healthiest Fast Food Breakfast

healthiest fast food breakfast

For the healthiest fast food breakfast, first you need to know what constitutes it. Any food that has less than twenty five grams of total calories and contains no trans fat, no cholesterol, and no sodium is considered a healthful fast food breakfast. By keeping these factors in mind, any eating establishment can prepare and serve healthy meals. Just remember that you will want to be selective about the menu and the price. Here are some tips to help you find the healthiest fast food breakfast.

Healthy Fast Food Breakfast Tips

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First, look for low calories. The healthiest fast food breakfast will contain smaller portions and less fat or salt. This means that the serving size should be smaller than the typical tray that comes with the breakfast. In fact, you might be surprised at how little serving sizes have increased over time. You can still enjoy a filling breakfast without overindulging and still lose weight.

Next, check the fat content. Just because it is a healthy diet doesn’t mean that you aren’t still going to have to watch your fat intake. If there is less fat in the serve you get at your local diner, chances are it isn’t as healthy as it could be. While some people argue that there is no difference in calories, you do get more healthful sources of calories by eating a healthier breakfast. A healthy diet goes a long way towards lowering your overall calories, which means you will likely be eating less in the meal as well.

Third, look for nutrition information. While most restaurants will list the serving sizes on the menu, that doesn’t always tell you everything. You need to find a copy of the restaurant’s nutrition facts to find out what the serving size actually is. Even if you know what the serving size is, you may not know if there is an equivalent number for fat, carbohydrates, and protein. For example, a hamburger is listed as a hearty entree, but if there is only one cup of meat and four ounces of cheese, you are getting little help from the nutrition facts.

Fourth, look for fruit. While this may not technically be a fast food breakfast, many of the healthy options now offer fruit choices as an addition to their menu. This is a good way to add a bit of something healthy into your morning routine. You may also want to look for options that offer nuts and granola, which can make a nice addition to your morning rush. These quick ingredients can add a nice bit of crunch to your meal, without increasing your calorie count too much.

Fifth, look for options that offer other nutrients. This includes items like muffins, cereal, and yogurt. All of these can offer you something healthy to munch on during your regular meal time. If you have trouble finding something nutritious at your local grocery store, consider looking for a bag or container that has a variety of different options. You can also try looking for a hot drink dispenser at the store, which will provide a healthy boost to your usual coffee or tea. You will probably need some sugar with your meal, so look for sugar alternatives that will reduce your overall calorie count without reducing the nutritional value of your meal.

Finally, take a closer look at the calorie count on the fast food packaging. The smaller the label, the healthier the food may be. The less empty calories there are in the package, the healthier your diet will be. It may also be helpful to purchase a product from a smaller chain or smaller business if you are concerned about the overall quality of that product.

End Note

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Getting started with healthy eating may take a bit of practice, but it can be done. By choosing a few different options for your morning fast food breakfast, and weighing the nutritional value of each of your choices, you will be able to find a great option that provides all of the nutrition that you need without being overloaded with unhealthy ingredients that you don’t want or need. Remember to also keep your body hydrated with water, and take a natural sugar supplement for extra sweet tooth. Making a few simple changes to your diet can make all the difference in how well you can fight off future health problems.

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