Your Healthy Breakfast Menu for Sunday

healthy breakfast menu

A healthy breakfast menu is essential to your nutrition efforts every morning. You need to ensure that you do not have too much dessert for breakfast, however, and still keep it healthy overall. If you are a vegan plant-based eater, suggest taking a high-quality protein product such as hemp milk or oat bran to create this smoothie for breakfast. All you need for that end-of-the-day treat is a good blender and some ice.

Healthy Breakfast Menu

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To make a healthy breakfast menu for the morning, begin by setting aside about two cups of low-fat milk. If you prefer, replace half of the milk with one-fourth cup of water. You should also make sure that you have already taken a snack and are in the midst of a meal, such as porridge or granola. For an added boost of energy, consider mixing in a handful of nuts and/or seeds with your porridge or in addition with your granola. There are many great nuts that you can use for this purpose.

For the second item on your healthy breakfast menu, consider using fresh fruit. First, try using canned fruit instead of fresh fruit. It usually cuts down the process of eating the fruit. If you are in a rush and do not have time to make your own fruit smoothies, then consider using orange juice and raw crushed nuts in place of the oranges.


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Another healthy breakfast menu idea for the morning is to take a fresh granny smith muffin, add a couple of tablespoons of maple syrup, and top with a slice of fresh grounded peaches or prunes. If you like, you can also substitute sugar-free cake mix or pudding for the muffin. If you are in the middle of your work, you can even consider having a light lunchtime meal of yogurt, fresh fruit, and an apple.

For the third item on your healthy breakfast menu, consider oatmeal and whole-grain crackers. These items are a great combination, especially in the morning, as you will get most of your nutrients and fiber from the oatmeal. This is an excellent way to provide your body with the necessary vitamins and minerals it needs for the day, especially if you tend to skip breakfast.

Healthy Recipes

For the fourth healthy breakfast menu item, think ham and cheese. One way to spruce up this meal is to take an egg and cheese scramble. This is an excellent way to end your day, as it gives you protein, which helps you feel full. To make the recipe even better, you can include ham and Swiss cheese, too. This is another excellent way to get the nutrients you need from your food.

For the fifth and final healthy breakfast menu selection, think peanut butter and banana. This is a classic American breakfast treat that should be part of your normal diet. You can take a hard, cold slice of banana, dip it in some melted low-fat plain low-fat butter, spread some honey, put on your coffee, and stir it up until it’s a bit soggy. Then top it off with a dusting of powdered sugar. You will have a meal that satisfies your sweet tooth while staying true to your health goals.

Bottom Line

Now you know what items you should start packing into your healthy breakfast menu for Sunday breakfast. What about some fruit? That’s right, in addition to all of those fruits and vegetables listed above, you should also pack in some cherries, Mandarin oranges, strawberries, or blueberries. These fruity additions will help you overcome the afternoons of hunger that might come after you eat a heavy meal on Sunday morning. Instead, they will give you a natural source of energy to power you through your workday’s and into the next day.

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